Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

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Registration of a Private Limited Company requires several compliances to be met stringently. In Private limited company, minimum two members required and can have upto 200 members as shareholders in the company. It is one of the most common and preferred type of company to be created in India as it gives credibility and confidence on the promoters of the Company.

In addition, it is much easier to avail loans, or any venture capital investments if the company is a private limited as opposed to proprietorship or partnership firm.

A private limited company can have characteristics of both as a public limited company in case of limited liability and at the same time of ease and privacy of a partnership firm. Shares can be easily transferred and an agreement among all existing shareholders a must before inducting any new shareholder.


Proprietorship Registration Bangalore

Welcome to TaxadvisorIndia, one of a leading agency in Bangalore. Now you can register for Proprietorship online/offline in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Get your business registered as a Sole proprietorship with several add-on services.

A sole proprietorship is the easiest form of business in India. A proprietor safeguards the capital, establishes and operates the business, assumes all the risks, hence accepts all the profits and losses, and pays all the taxes.

Sole proprietorship registration process is simple and does not have excessive regulatory compliance requirement as compared to private limited or limited liability partnership firms.

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Digital Signature (DSC)

Digital Signature (DSC) Providers in Bangalore

Welcome to TaxadvisorIndia, one of a leading digital signature agency in Bangalore. Now you can buy Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) online/offline in Bangalore, Karnataka. We are committed to provide Digital Signature in shortest possible time through our dedicated office for Digital Signature in Bangalore.

A Digital Signature (DSC) is the equivalent of a physical signature in electronic format. Digital Signatures are used in India for various online transactions such as Income Tax E-Filing, Company or LLP Incorporation, Filing Annual Return, E-Tenders, etc. Digital Signature (DSC) is done by TaxadvisorIndia.

There are three types of Digital Signatures, Class I, Class II and Class III Digital Signature.